The IV International Entrepreneurship and Innovation Healthcare Summit, held by Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, will happen in São Paulo, on June 15, 16 and 17. The aim is to provide a unique opportunity to discuss key industry trends and innovations by providing a connecting environment for entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and executives from healthcare institutions and industries.



Allen Kamer

Managing Partner at Qure Ventures

Joan Mannick

Joan Mannick

Co-founder and CMO (Chief Medical Officer) of resTORbio


Menahem (Meni) Shikhman

Vice President Business Development and Partnerships at TytoCare


Assaf Barnea

CEO at Sanara Ventures


Mobasher Butt

Chief Medical Officer Babylon Heath


John Whang

Head de Evidencias Integradas em Metabolismo e Cardiovascular na Janssen Pharmaceuticals


Cesar Carvalho

Co-founder and Global CEO of Gympass


Jorge Salluh

Chief development officer – Epimed


Opening: Dr. Sidney Klajner- President of Sociedade Beneficente Israelita

Brasileira Albert Einstein

José Henrique Germann Ferreira – Secretário de Saúde do Governo doEstado de São Paulo

Main lecture – John Whang – Head of Integrated Evidence in Cardiovascular and Metabolism

              at Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Part 1: How leading healthcare organizations have embraced open innovation

  • Allen Kamer – Managing Partner at Qure Ventures

  • Meni Shikhman – Vice President at Business Development and Partnerships of TytoCare

  • Mobasher Butt – Chief Medical Officer at Babylon Health

  • Jorge Salluh – Chief Development Officer at Epimed 

  • Moderation: Marcelo Felix – Medical Manager at Innovation and Medical Informatics of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

Einstein Startup Circuit: leading startups from Brazil and abroad

Part 2: LATAM ecosystem: support entrepreneurship in healthcare

  • Cristobal Madrid – Project Executive at Startup Chile 

  • Felipe Cresciulo – Senior Investment Officer at BID Lab

  • Cristina Montero – Manager in Khem Plataforma de Incubación de Empresas Biotecnológicas

  • Moderation: Claudio Mifano – Vice President at Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Hospital Albert Einstein

Part 3: LATAM: Health Startups 

  • Javier Cardona – Cofounder and CEO at 1DOC3

  • Bráulio Bonoto – Founder and Latin America CEO at Psyalive

  • Jose Luis Nuño Ayala – Founder and CEO at Unima

  • Moderation: Eliezer Silva –  Director at Diagnostic Medicine of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

Lunch / Einstein Startup Circuit / Pitch Startups Eretz

Part 4: The journey of a scientist-entrepreneur

  • Assaf Barnea – CEO at Sanara Ventures

  • Joan Mannick – Chief Medical Officer at Restorbio

  • Luiz Felipe Valter de Oliveira – CEO at Neoprospecta

  • Marcos Santos – CEO at Onkos

  • Moderation: Nelson Wolosker – Vice President at Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Hospital Albert Einstein

Einstein Startup Circuit: leading startups from Brazil and abroad

Part 5: Leadership for innovation and intrapreneurship

  • Claudio Lottenberg – CEO at UnitedHealth Group Brasil and President of the Deliberative Council of Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein

  • Paula Jereissati- CEO at Escala

  • Jhonata Emerick – CEO at Radsquare

17h10        Lecture with Cesar Carvalho, CEO Global Gympass

17h50        Closing: Claudio Terra, Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation 

                  of  Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

18h00        Happy Hour








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